50 best League of Legends champions of all-time (Part 1)
50 best League of Legends champions of all-time

50 best League of Legends champions of all-time (Part 1)

League of Legends is an online multiplayer battle arena game developed and published by Riot Games. It was released on March 27, 2009. The game has been played by millions of people around the world since its release. Plus, it’s free!

LoL is a game where players fight each other in teams of five. It’s played across multiple platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox One and PS4.

This list is based on data gathered from over 100,000 games played on LoL.com. I hope you enjoy these 50 Best League of Legends Champions of All Time!

50 greatest league of legends champions.

We all have our favorite champions. Some are objectively spectacularly designed. They may have special moments or be fun to watch. These are the 50 champions we will discuss here. There will only be 50 champions listed here, meaning the other 50 will be left out completely.

To determine the winners, the criteria will follow three important areas:

 Fluidity of kit:

How well does this champion work with their kit? Does it fit together like a puzzle? How easy is it for them to use their abilities and how do they feel when doing so? Is there any kind of synergy between what you can do as an individual unit and what your team mates can do as units?

Power level:

This is obviously subjective, but we’re trying to find champions who were powerful enough to make it into competitive play. As long as these champions weren’t too weak to not get picked up by teams, then they should be included. We want to see if they could compete against some of the more popular picks at the time.

Fun factor:

Does this champion bring something new to the table? Are they interesting to look at? Do they give us a reason to pick them over others? Can they help us improve our gameplay?


How much do you enjoy playing this champion? How often can they pull off something amazing with their skillset? Do they feel rewarding when played correctly? These questions should help us decide who makes it onto the list.


What impact did these characters have on the meta during their time as viable picks? Did they change the way people play the game? Were they influential enough for future iterations of LoL to take note of them? Uniqueness:


Champions who can do things no one else can should definitely be considered for this category. For example, we’re looking at you, Ezreal. He does everything so well, it makes him unique.

Now let’s take a look at the first 20!

Blitzcrank was an absolute beast during Season 3 and 4. His ability to split push teams apart while also being able to poke them down made him incredibly strong.

Special Moments:

Champions who made an impact through their own unique story arc will also receive bonus points. For example, we’ll give more credit for Ezreal’s “I’m gonna go kill everyone” moment than if he was just another assassin.

Now let’s start ranking!

50 – Thresh

Thresh is one of those characters you can’t help but love. He’s got this goofy grin and he loves being annoying. His ultimate, Teleport, allows him to teleport himself or an ally into a target location for the next 3 seconds. This makes it easy to get out of sticky situations like when your team gets caught in a gank from behind. It also lets him escape if his allies are getting picked off by another enemy champion.

However, his biggest strength comes from his passive which gives him a small amount of health regeneration every second. The fact that he doesn’t need mana means he can stay alive longer without having to worry about running low on energy.

49 – Orianna

Orianna is a character who really needs no introduction. She’s been around since patch 1.0 and she hasn’t changed much over the years. That doesn’t mean she isn’t good though; she still remains one of the most popular mid lane carries today. Her passive, W, slows enemies’ attacks by 30% every second. If used properly, this means Orianna can easily trade kills against squishy targets such as mages and casters. However, don’t expect to see too many fights where Orianna uses her W without some sort of support or tank backing her up because she won’t survive long once she hits 0 health.

48 – Leblanc

LeBlanc might seem random at first glance, but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize why she deserves a spot on this list. While her kit seems fairly average, her ulti, Poison Touch, creates two poison clouds above allied minions that deal damage based on distance. With proper positioning, this can allow you to catch unsuspecting opponents unaware and create huge amounts of pressure. You could say she’s similar to Malphite, except instead of having multiple forms of CC, she has one form of CC and then a secondary form of CC.

47 – Kassadin

Kassadin is probably the biggest question mark on this entire list. We’ve seen him perform extremely poorly in professional games before, yet he always manages to show up in solo queue matches and dominate.

How come? Well, there’s simply nothing wrong with his kit. Sure, it lacks any real synergy, but it provides plenty of utility and power. The problem lies in how often he decides to pick up items. When he gets fed, he goes completely bonkers and becomes unstoppable. Unfortunately, this usually happens after he builds something ridiculous like Bloodthirster and Frozen Heart. Even worse, he tends to build 2 boots early and never stops farming until level 6.

46 – Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks is a strange case. On paper, he looks pretty bad. But in practice, he actually performs surprisingly well. Why? Because he’s got this little trick called Deathfire Grasp that gives him a massive amount of AD carry potential. In fact, it allows him to scale better than almost anyone else in the league. Not only that, but he gains additional attack speed whenever he deals damage. Combine that with his passive which grants +30 movement speed whenever he lands a critical strike and you end up with a very powerful ADC/support hybrid.

45 – Lulu

When I think about Lulu, I immediately think about Sivir. Both share a lot of similarities. They both provide vision control and healing abilities. And they both require a bit of skill to master. One thing separates Lulu from Sivir however: Lulu’s passive heals allies within range. What does this mean?

Lulu can heal herself while also providing protection for teammates. This makes her incredibly useful when playing against enemy teams that focus down your main healer. It also helps make sure that if you’re ever caught out of position, you can quickly get back into the fight.

44 – Morgana

Morgana is another interesting case. She’s definitely strong enough to warrant being here, but she just feels so… off. Part of it comes from her lack of reliable crowd control. There are times where she will use her ultimate to stun someone, but more often than not, she ends up getting stunned herself. Another part of it comes from her inability to do anything other than autoattack. She has no way to escape ganks, and she rarely has time to farm either.

43 – Twitch

Twitch is a weird champ. He was released during Season 3, and he didn’t receive any major changes until Patch 5.8. Since then, he’s become somewhat of a staple top laner. His kit revolves around dealing large amounts of burst damage through his Q ability. As soon as he starts channeling, he unleashes a cone of fire that damages nearby units. Once he reaches max stacks, he channels again and unleashes a larger blast of flames. These blasts deal bonus magic damage per stack.

42 – Blitzcrank

The original “tanky” bruiser. While, yes, he doesn’t really fit the definition anymore, he still remains one of my favorite champs. His kit consists of two things:

1) A slow that slows enemies by 50% for 4 seconds every second they move towards him, and

2) An ult that fires rockets at targets. Each rocket deals physical damage equal to half of their current health. If they hit, they explode on impact, dealing AoE damage to surrounding enemies.

The slow effect lasts twice as long after an explosion occurs.

41 – Vayne

Vayne is probably the most underrated support in the entire game. Her kit isn’t particularly flashy or unique, but she provides some incredible utility. For starters, she has a spell shield that protects allied carries for three seconds. During those three seconds, she cannot take damage nor gain experience. Additionally, she has a small dash that lets her rapidly travel across the map. Finally, she has a teleport ability that instantly teleports her to target location. All these skills combined allow her to easily keep track of her own positioning, and even help protect her allies.

40 – Malphite

Malphite is a beast. At level 1, he gets a basic attack that hits multiple times. Then, once he levels 2, he gets a new ability that increases his armor penetration. From there, he keeps gaining strength and power throughout each tier. By the time he reaches 6, he becomes unstoppable. Even though he lacks mobility, his kit is extremely effective. Every single point spent on his stats adds something valuable to his gameplay.

39 – Janna

Janna is a tanky assassin who relies heavily on her passive to survive. However, unlike many tanks, she doesn’t rely solely on her passive. Instead, she uses her E to create a wall of ice that prevents incoming attacks. After a few moments pass, the ice melts away revealing a pool of water underneath. As long as she stays within range of the enemy, she gains increased movement speed while under the effects of her passive. This allows her to quickly get close to opponents before using her W to freeze them solid.

38 – Sivir

Sivir is a very powerful mage with a lot of CC. The first thing you notice about her kit is how much CC she possesses. In addition to having a standard heal, she also has a silence which silences everyone except her ally. However, it only works if she moves closer than 10 meters from the targeted unit. She also has a stun that will knock up anyone caught in its radius. Lastly, she has a root that roots the caster for several seconds. It does not work against minions however.

37 – Lulu

Lulu is a strong mid lane pick due to her high sustain. Her kit includes a healing aura that heals herself and nearby allies whenever she takes damage. While active, she can use Q to deal bonus magic damage to all units around her. Furthermore, she has a skill shot that creates a barrier between herself and any enemy trying to reach her. This gives her ample time to escape danger. Lastly, she has an ultimate that summons four wolves behind her. These dogs chase enemies and cause heavy amounts of damage.

36 – Kog’Maw

Kog’maw was one of Riot’s early experiments with building a melee bruiser. His kit revolves around being able to fight head-to-head with other players. First off, he starts with an autoattack that deals massive burst damage when used consecutively. Next comes his charge, which makes him run forward making himself more vulnerable to attacks. Once charged, he turns invisible for 3 seconds, during which time he deals additional damage to any enemies that touch him. Finally, he finishes things off with a nuke that explodes upon contact killing anything near it.

35 – Katarina

Katrina is a fairly straightforward assassin. She has a good mix of poke and kill potential. Her main weapon is an axe that deals area damage over time. The longer she holds it, the faster the rate of damage decreases. On top of this, she has a short distance jump that brings her closer to the ground. The downside to her kit is that her primary source of damage is rather weak. That said, she still manages to function well because of her secondary weapons.

34 – Braum

Braum is an aggressive AD carry who excels at dueling. His kit consists mainly of physical damage combined with slow. When he hits someone with his basic attack, they become rooted. They cannot move unless they take damage again. Additionally, he has a large AoE ult that slows down everything inside its radius. This makes fighting him difficult since most spells don’t affect him directly. Braum can be very frustrating to play against as it requires good timing and coordination on both sides. He also has some pretty cool emotes: Scooby Doo Dance

Aka “The Scoobster.” In this dance, Braum does the Scooby Doo theme song while wearing a scuba diving mask. It’s hilarious!

33 – Lux

Another carry that relies heavily on pushing lanes, Lux has a unique kit that enables her to do so safely. For starters, she has a shield that protects her from incoming projectiles. Then, she uses her E to dash towards an enemy target dealing moderate damage along the way. After hitting them, she becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds. Afterwards, she gains health equal to half their current HP. If you manage to hit your mark, then you will gain full health. However, if you miss, you lose 50% of your max health. Overall, her kit allows her to push easily without taking too much risk.

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32 – Poppy

 With her rework, this champion who would not have made it without her rework became a champion that added a new dimension to League of Legends. Her new ultimate made strategic aspects of the game more exciting to watch and even more exciting to participate in. The ability to launch carries out of a team fight or remove members from Baron pits to deny the objective is both fun to watch and even funnier to participate in.

Poppy had little pro play before the update. She did not rank among the top level players for the next several months. But after the update, she ranked at the top of the tier lists for top laners.

31 – Draven

Draven in the league is a very distinct character. He has many unique features that make him stand out. Axe catching is a great example of this. You can micro your axes to a specific location, while tracking enemy position and cooldowns. This makes watching a good Draven player so much fun.

He has another unique trait in his ultimate play. His ability to flash to redirect the blades to a new angle to secure a kill is impressive. This ability has given him some cool highlights on YouTube.

30 – Warwick

Warwick is a ranged fighter who specializes in dealing damage to multiple targets at once. Additionally, he has several ways to make sure no one gets away from him. One way is via his passive, which increases movement speed while under attack. A second method involves using his ultimate to create a wall of fire that damages anyone caught within it. Thirdly, he has a stun that locks everyone into place. Fourthly, he has a knockback that sends them flying backwards if they try to get out of line of sight. Fifthly, he has a root that prevents anyone from moving.

29 – Elise

Elise is a highly mobile jungler. She uses her mobility to quickly traverse the map and gank lanes. At level 6, she gains access to a powerful ability called Shunpo. It allows her to dash towards a location and then instantly return to her original position. This gives her excellent control of fights and helps her escape situations. In addition, she also has a flash heal that heals allies nearby. These two abilities give her immense versatility.

28 – Kha’zix

The trickster! Kha’zix is a versatile assassin who loves to use misdirection to confuse opponents. His kit includes a number of different tools designed to keep him safe and allow him to deal maximum damage. Among those are stealth, invisibility, silence, trap, and recall. Stealth allows him to sneak up behind unsuspecting foes without their knowledge. When activated, he becomes undetectable and moves silently. After a few seconds, he returns to full visibility. During this period, he remains silent and untouchable. However, he will eventually be detected whenever he takes damage. While he is cloaked, he can remain hidden indefinitely.

27 – Kayle

Kayle is a tanky mage who relies heavily on crowd control. Her biggest strength lies in her CC. She has three types of cc. Firstly, there is a slow that reduces enemy movement speeds by 25%. Secondly, there is a snare that causes them to stop attacking temporarily. What’s more, she has a sleep that puts enemies to sleep for 2 seconds. Finally, she has a taunt that forces any ally or enemy standing near you to fight each other.

26 – Jax

Jax is an extremely aggressive melee carry with high burst potential. The thing about Jax is how weak he actually is. If someone manages to kill him before he reaches max health, he doesn’t die immediately. Instead, he falls unconscious and loses 50% of his current HP over 5 seconds. Once healed, he comes right back online and continues fighting. As such, Jax requires constant attention and must always stay alive. To help ensure this, he has some strong defensive options. First off, he has armor reduction as well as magic resist penetration. Second, he has a barrier that protects against physical attacks. Last but not least, he has a shield that absorbs incoming magical damage.

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How many League of Legends champions are there?

There are currently over 100 champions available for play in League of Legends.

Who is the most hated champion in LoL?

The most hated champion in League of Legends is Zed.

How many champions did League of Legends start with?

The number of champions that started League of Legends was around 30.

Who were the first champions in League of Legends?

The first champions in League of Legend are as follows:
1. Ahri – The first champion was Ahri. She is a mage who uses her abilities to attack enemies with fireballs.
2. Akali – The second champion was Akali. She is a warrior who uses her abilities to deal damage to enemies with her sword.

Who is the oldest champion in LoL?

The oldest champion in League of Legends is Urgot from the game “League of legends”. He was released on the 19th of April 2013.

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