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Q-sender software|Q-sender software official Provider

Q-sender software is the best marketing software, Can send Unlimited Message to a potential customer. latest version of q-sender software is q sender 126 .
We always provide Best support & training along with Q-sender software 126. Q-sender softwaressoftware.com is official provider of q-sender software.

Q-sender software give 100% delivery of your message to end customer, with the help of q-sender software 126 you will generate more business from marketing.

What is Q-sender software?

Q-sender software is the best and fast tool to send a messages to your potential clients in a few clicks. Send unlimited messages in form of text, audio, video or documents with q-sender software. No sending limit, send truly unlimited messages with q-sender software.

Feature Of Q-sender software:

  • Q-sender software is easy to use
  • No credit Limit
  • Send Unlimited Contact
  • Filter Number from q-sender software 126
  • Upload Contact Through Excel
  • Extract Contact from your phone
  • Generate number in q-sender software 126
  • Send Text, Image, Video from
  • No Credit Limit Can sender unlimited

Requirement to run q-sender software :

Window 7, 8, 8.1 & Window 10.

More than 2000 clients using our software q-sender software 126 for their business growth.

If you want to earn extra money then you can become our Reseller business partner & sell Q sender 126 with support.

How to Use Q-sender software ?

Q-sender software is very easy to use software, UI is specially designed to use for even non-technical person. In just a few clicks you can share a message with thousands of users.
Step 1:Write your message or upload your multimedia message content.
Step 2:
Upload your contacts in form of .csv or .txt format. You can also import your contacts.
Step 3:
Click on start sending. A new incognito window will open in chrome. Scan QR Code from your phone. It will start sending and window will automatically close after sending all messages.

Why use Q-sender software?

Q-sender software is the fastest software in market. Q-sender software is very easy to use tool that sends each message as unique message. No forwarded sign on messages send with q sender tool. You can forward a message for more than 5 people at once with q-sender software tool.

Q-sender software Usages

Q-sender software is very useful for your business. Grow your business with q-sender software bulk marketing tool. Bulk marketing plays a very important role in today’s marketing strategy, and q-sender helps businesses to reach their target audience in a few clicks.

  • Promote your brand
  • Share your products
  • Event invitations
  • Share important message
  • Announcements
  • Brands Awareness
  • Share new offers
  • Send categorized offers and discount coupons

Q-sender software is for every kind of business and is a very useful asset for every business. In today’s smartphone world, bulk marketing is the most active and effective marketing method. Q-sender software tool helps businesses to achieve their goals by connecting with thousands people in a click.

Retail Outlets 
Educational Institutions 
Educational Consultancies 
Banking & Financial Sector 
Travel & Tourism 
Clubs & Societies 
Real Estate 
Media & Entertainment Sector 
Automobile Industry 
Stock Market Companies 
Job Consultancies
IT & ITES Service Companies 
Transport & Logistics Sector 
MLM Companies

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